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The imprint was launched in 2019. It features publications from our own research activity, including our international symposia. We will also, by invitation, publish books that have a particular affinity with our core ethos and mission. We have a particular interest in exploring how the arts speaks to the world, and how it works with practitioners from other disciplines. As many of our artists are addressing issues concerning the environment and the natural world we always seek collaborations with experts whose work speaks directly to those fields, and how practitioners from many disciplines can inform one another and work together. Books is independent of the now closed artdotearth CIC Richard Povall is the Executive Editor. We aim to publish one new title a year and are interested in hearing from you if you would like to collaborate with us.. eBooks

Once printed copies of titles are in very short supply we make them available as eBooks. In general we prefer people to experience the beauty and richness of our books as physical objects to be held in the hand and enjoyed in repose on a hammock in your back garden or by the beach or up a mountain (you get the ida…), but once they are gone it seems reasonable to make them available as screen-resolution eBooks.

We are making Evolving the Forest available now as an eBook even though we still have copies from the third print run. The size of this book makes it expensive to post, particularly outside the UK and due to the calamity of Brexit EU countries are now charging duty on all books exported from the UK. We would also like this quite expensive book to be available for students and researchers.

Other books

These are books from projects we have been involved with in some way, which come from members of the team in former lives, or books which simply have taken our fancy and which we choose to encourage you to buy.