I’m Richard Povall and I’m not really maintaining a website anymore. I’ve also pretty much withdrawn from all social media mostly because, despite its community-building upside, its growing toxicity is I feel on balance making society and culture worse off. There is too much poison and too much disinformation; too many social media companies have become the plaything of the uber-rich just as newspapers were in times (largely) gone by. But you can still find me and my work at places like academia,edu, researchgate and LinkedIn.com. You can read my CV here if you like.

After a long and rather varied professional life, most recently I led art.earth from its inception in 2016 until the end of 2022. In many ways I considered this work the summation of everything that had gone before and I’m proud of the work we did and the community we built. The organisation closed in January 2023. Explore the archive site. The Facebook Page is still active although no longer regularly maintained by us. It is however still a good way to reach out to a worldwide community of like-minded artists and art lovers.

Previous lives included co-Directing roles with Aune Head Arts (UK), half/angel (UK/IRE) and teaching and research positions in the UK, US and Korea. I am now writing independently, and trying to get as much sailing in before my body rebels.

I remain the Executive Editor of art.earth Books; our back catalogue is available here. We are still active as a publisher despite the demise of parent company art.earth. We aim to publish one new book each year. Explore art.earth books. If you would be interested in working with us on a new publication contact me.

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