Borrowed Time


A series of reflections on love, loss and change.

This book grew out of a series of events from 2020-21 called Borrowed Time: on death, dying & change. The contents explore many aspects of life and death: human, non-human and planetary. But do not expect the contents to be mournful or unremittingly dark – there is plenty of joy and celebration in this book. Many viewpoints are represented here including clinical, therapeutic, philosophical, political and of course artistic and creative.

Paperback 21cmX21cm, ISBN 978-0-9957196-3-7  414 pages.


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We’re all of us living on borrowed time: the brevity of our personal span of existence now mirrored by a biosphere under intolerable pressure, its every life system beginning to fray and unravel under civilisation’s weight. We witness its collapse every day now, in new stories of cataclysmic weather events, of lives lost, of flora and fauna weirded, disrupted, gone. However incipiently or unconsciously, we live at a time of collective grieving – no life exempt from the consequences of this relentless devastation and what it has set loose.

Borrowed Time, on death dying & change is nevertheless a celebration: a gathering of disparate voices from across the globe coming together online from October 31 to  November 3, 2021. These voices use many registers and tones to delve into the depths of living with and dealing with death and dying with joy as well as with sadness. Borrowed Time is a space to explore questions pertaining to death, dying and change, and to ask what dying has to teach us about living well, and living sustainably.

This unusual and extraordinary book has contributions from 43 authors in 38 chapters and runs to 414 pages. Some of the pages are included in the images shown here.