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Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Most-private |

Updating into final stretch

Well…not the final stretch of this piece of work for ACE, but the final five weeks before the landscape short course and symposium. The symposium still looms very large on the overall pattern of work – in reality too large. The second symposium ‘Feeding the Insatiable’ is about to hit the extended deadline for proposals, and interest has been significantly down on the Landscape symposium. Over 200 proposals for the latter, and barely 50 for the former. That’s worrying in terms of what will happen when we try to sell tickets for the event. I’ve done a complete re-casting of the budget with far fewer participants, but I worry that the financial risk is too great. Clearly this topic has not hit the zeitgeist in the same as the Sublime seemed to do. A significant proportion of the proposals are not really addressing the issue, either, which also leads me to believe that ‘alternative energy and art’ is perhaps too instrumental and clearly not of broad interest.

We will assess proposals in the next couple of weeks, but I’m happy to pull the plug if it’s looking like that should happen.

Although I’m continuing to feel good about the concept, the dominance on workload of the two symposia is still meaning that the other work – particularly the EU developments – is getting short shrift. This is now becoming problematic as time runs on.

Have just hired Cat Radford to take on some work, but only for 10 days. Not enough I fear, but all I can afford.