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2-10-14-box02-postI have for many years designed custom human interfaces using simple custom electronics.  They have been used in performance contexts, where my work with half/angel and the intelligent motion-sensing systems I created turned movement into sound.  This work was recognised at the time as cutting edge and ground-breaking.  More recently my custom electronics have focussed more on gallery and other contemporary art settings.  I make interfaces that are invisible and responsive, and are context-appropriate.

Recent work includes a commissioned set of sound boxes (above) based on the Southwest Coast Path, a set of audio tea cups for a National Trust property, and the creation of a series of Life Story Boxes which combine the more conventional ‘memory box’ design with sonic and visual media. You can explore these here.

More recently I have been working with embedded technologies. I created a ‘Message Phone’ for people to leave me messages as part of a residency at High Cross House (NT). I stripped a classic cherry red phone from the 1960s and built in a Raspberry Pi to record messages when the receiver was off the hook. I am also designing a tea set with sound built into each of the teacups. The teaser uses induction charging technology so that the teacups remain charged, which removes a layer of administration from the gallery’s responsibilities.


Studio and technical design

I have designed and built a number of digital and analog studios. In the 1989s I worked with Skywalker Ranch in re-vamping the the studios at the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College in San Francisco, and designed and built the studios for Aune Head Arts. Most recently I designed and built an Internet radio station for a Primary School in Devon.