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Posted by on October 1, 2014 in Art, Featured, Place, Radio & Podcasts |



The third of three boxes as part of Anita Reynolds’ Outline South West (Part 2) project, currently on exhibition at the Devon Guild. Read a bit more here.

I was commissioned to make ‘a piece’ in response to Anita’s work, and particularly in response to a day we spent together at the Undercliff. It was a hot, dry day in this most claustrophobic of places, and overall I had a very curious response to the day. I struggled coming up with a response and ended up with the three pieces that I’ve just explored here. This piece is, finally, about the Undercliff, and mostly comprises a conversation I had with Anita along the walk. It’s got some very interesting discussion about making art in response to place, and about making ‘long’ pieces that explore something over a long period of time.

Play Seafall


I also made a longer piece based on the walk for radio broadcast on my radio show.

Play The Undercliff

As promised in an earlier post, once I’ve had a chance to document the finished boxes, which are now on exhibition, I will post pictures here.