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Posted by on October 1, 2014 in Art, Place, Radio & Podcasts |




The first of three boxes as part of Anita Reynolds’ Outline South West (Part 2) project, currently on exhibition at the Devon Guild. Read a bit more here.

I was commissioned to make ‘a piece’ in response to Anita’s work, and particularly in response to a day we spent together at the Undercliff. It was a hot, dry day in this most claustrophobic of places. I had a curious response, both to the Undercliff itself, and to Lyme Regis in particular. For whatever reason, it all just hit wrong. But this was energising and led me to think about making a sound piece not about a wild remote place but about where the coastpath intersects with town life. I live near to the coast path, and not far from Dartmouth. So on its last day, we headed out to find what we could at the Dartmouth Royal Regatta, starting at the coastpath at the entrance to Castle Cove, and walking into town along the coast path.

As promised in an earlier post, once I’ve had a chance to document the finished boxes, which are now on exhibition, I will post pictures here.

Play Regatta