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Posted by on August 19, 2013 in High Cross House |

Moving out

Moving out

Hard to believe that the residency is already over, and so much more to do! It was my last day on Friday so I duly have moved out and on. However I’ll be returning to the House in a couple of weeks (ulp) to install the teaset piece, and today is my deadline for making the artist statement and piece description. I still have rather a long way to go before being certain that the internal bits (the technology) will work and the external bits (the content and the design) will be rich enough. I do know that I need to gather more voices and I need to listen in detail to the 80+ recordings that have been collected on the Message Phone (see posts passim).

Having explored some practicalities of installing the piece in the Dining Room, it has now moved from the dining table to the sideboard for the simple reason that there is no power available around the dining table without trailing a cable. Having studied wireless charging I do know that in theory it would be possible to power the whole project wirelessly, but that this would be complex, difficult to achieve, possible dangerous, and overall just not terribly practicable for a project that opens in two weeks. Oh, and I’m going away for four days this week, making the time even shorter. So, now the teacups will sit like a teaset on a tray on the sideboard, conveniently trailing its power cable down the back of the sideboard.

We have a lovely tray made by a dear friend that I had hoped to use. N not convinced that this is a great idea because of its preciousness; me not convinced that it’s a great idea because I don’t think it will hold more than three teacups and I really need a minimum of four. So begins the search for a larger appropriate tray. Am also tussling with the idea, in order to complete the overall conceit, of including a teapot (without sound). Unsure.




The continued change in visitors seemed to continue last week and I now have a theory. This summer crowd tends primarily to be families with young children, rather than those without children and/or those whose children have long since grown up and are therefore able to get away not in high season because they do not have children in school. So this high season crowd self-selects to be those who are visiting NT properties because they are genuinely interested in NT properties (etc), rather than simply trying to find something to ‘do’ during their holiday. This is perhaps borne out by the fact that many of the children accompanying their parents on visits to NT properties (etc) seem genuinely interested rather than bored or irritated. My theory, purely anecdotal.