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richardpovallmedia is based near the glorious Start Bay in South Devon. The majority of the projects we undertake are for non-commercial clients which is where our expertise lies. Much of the work is undertaken by Richard Povall, and we bring in sub-contractors as required.

A great deal of our work has been done for art projects, much of it specific to a particular performance or installation, or to document art work and process. For a recent example of this go here.

As an artist Richard Povall also uses video and sound in his own work. 

Play Snow Ghosts (text and performance by Jools Gilson)

We are expert in assembling materials that have been collected by others, and offer services to heritage and galleries for these purposes. We can also shoot, edit, and provide distribution for small-scale documentary films, particularly pertaining to art or heritage projects. You can see an example of this here.

We provide web design and other digital media services including sound design.

We provide all our own production services and equipment, as well as project management and budget management.

For more information, please contact the office at Because of the client groups we work with, we understand that a flexible pricing structure is often required, so we do not post any prices here. We are happy to discuss your projects with you.