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Posted by on July 31, 2013 in High Cross House |

HXH – rainy and busy

HXH – rainy and busy

It’s the first morning since I began the residency that I had to walk through the rain from the car park. Not much rain, but it feels like a bit of a shock when the weather has been so relentlessly summer. The rain appears to have brought out the crowds: the house is packed this morning. School holidays are now in full swing of course, so there are now family groups coming round instead of couples and DINKS on early holiday avoiding high summer prices.

Am disappointed so far with the phone thus far.  Quite a lot of people have picked it up, but then done nothing – said nothing, asked nothing, not even really made puzzled noises.  What, I wonder, are they expecting? I wonder if I have found the right language to describe what the phone is there for. Surely people are only lifting the phone in response to the message, but perhaps not. When I came in this morning the big red LED on the front of the phone had been pushed in – perhaps someone thought it was a button?

It’s leading me to believe that the next generation of the phone will also play files as well as record them. It wouldn’t be that difficult to effect, I don’t think. Perhaps this would give people something to bounce off?

Anyhow, the phone has now been moved to the main desk in the study, rather than being on a mantlepiece, so perhaps it will feel more ‘proper’ to leave a message or more people will give it a go. Time will tell.  I’ll probably leave it until next Wednesday now.

Back to reading (although it’s going to be difficult with this many in the house).