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Posted by on July 3, 2013 in High Cross House |

HXH Day 5.1: a busy day

HXH Day 5.1: a busy day

It’s busy and buzzing today in the House and this somehow seems to make people more open and communicative. I’ve certainly talked to more people today than I have on any day thus far. Although it’s beginning to clear now, it’s been overcast and a bit rainy this morning, so that people have obviously decided to ‘do National Trust’ rather than do something more outdoors-y.

The House of course has also been abuzz with the news that the Trust is abandoning their lease. I have no idea how many other properties the Trust leases, but the relationship must feel very different from owning and maintaining a property. I’m sure this was always seen as a companion to Greenway and Coleton Fishacre, both either modernist or Arts & Crafts buildings, and both of fame in the same high-Modernist period of the 1930s.

I’ve talked more about my work today, and have begun to capture people’s comments. Tellingly, people have seemed more open to the house than in other days, but I’m sure there’s neither rhyme nor reason to this. Just the ebb and flow of humanity. It will be interesting to see, once the word is really out that these are now the last few months in which the house will be open, whether more locals begin to show up. I’m sure in the early days – less than two years ago – there were lots of local visitors, curious to see the inside of this iconic house. At the moment, however, the significant majority seem to be visitors from afar. Some have associations with Dartington (expect more of those in the coming months?), but others are simply here because it’s part of the National Trust ‘tour’.

The piano in the living room is being played now. The house comes to life when the piano is being played, and it makes a pleasant change from the playing of 1920s hit tunes, which seem almost singularly inappropriate to the house and those who lived here. But of course I could be very wrong about that!

Off now, have to get some work done. I’m continuing to be frustrated with learning code and learning a new ‘instrument’. Progress is very very slow, but this doesn’t feel particularly unusual in its level of frustration. The shell is beginning to crack.