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Posted by on June 28, 2013 in High Cross House |

HXH: Day 4 (Hardware wars/woes)

HXH: Day 4 (Hardware wars/woes)

Now that I’ve officially been demoted from the visitor car park to the overflow car park (which I should have been using all along) there is a short walk from the car to the House, up the main Dartington Hall drive. There is a narrow pavement that runs alongside the road which heaves with summer at the moment. One section is full of nettles – tall ones that pretend to reach out and sting you as you walk along – together with red campion and another butter-cup-like flower that isn’t a butter-cup. Then curiously there is another section which is just grasses. Fortunately this hasn’t been mowed, and the grass is a couple of feet high and turning to seed.  Soft and graceful, how grass should be. With rather less of an implied threat, the grasses too wave towards me as I walk.

All of that is a lovely start to the morning, It’s summer and it feels like summer, which after the past few years is something of a pleasant surprise in itself. Inside, however, I continue to struggle in my battles with the new piece of hardward, the Raspberry Pi.  Wednesday’s report of two steps forward and one step back has continued with stalemate: no steps forward and no steps back. Except that I fear I’m going to have to reinstall everything and start again, from scratch. Oh joy.

I know from previous experience that I will, eventually, get things working. Others have, and so will I. It’s not as though it’s a lost cause.  I’ve been working on an automated device at home to attempt to make our resident rooks less comfortable with the idea of living there (they may, in time, decide to move on is the hope (against hope?)). That, too, has been causing me no end of grief, so I’m feeling particularly aggrieved with the physicalities of hardware. I thought we lived in a digital age.

The limitations of my internet speed here means that it may well be time to go home and work from there for the rest of the day.

This is frustration.