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Posted by on June 27, 2013 in Featured, Place |

Soft, silky, fragile.

Soft, silky, fragile.

The allotment, I’ve decided has become an adolescent.

In the meantime indoors we’ve been experimenting with mushrooms for the first time. Wow. Quite extraordinary to see these grow from nothing. We ordered two boxes from Fungi Futures (well, actually, I didn’t order them as postage is quite high because of their weight, and as they are based on the Dartington Estate, I just popped in one day and bought two boxes). These are wonderfully texture-ous oyster mushrooms, full of flavour and extraordinary to touch.

Fungi Futures is an interesting company: a social enterprise dedicated entirely to the message that fungi are our future. They encourage growing projects in towns and cities, and they make their kits using recycled coffee grounds. The kits themselves will recycle, either to grow again or to become part of the compost bin to support future growth of other things. What a marvellous way to buy mushrooms.



I couldn’t believe the extraordinary feel of these fungi the first time I picked them. It seemed almost sacrilegious to eat them because they seemed so utterly perfect, a wonder, a natural phenomenon. And in some ways, of course, fungi are something astounding. Their grown patterns are exquisite, and most appear overnight, often disappearing the next. There is an ephemerality and fragility here that doesn’t seem to apply to the plant world.



I made a beef stroganoff.