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Posted by on May 3, 2013 in Polemic |



Yesterday I voted Labour. In this part of the world this is tantamount to a wasted vote, but after years of voting tactically this time I decided to vote my conscience. Ironically the Liberal Democrat candidate, Julian Brazil, is a generally good egg, so I were voting for an individual rather than a party, I would have voted for him.  I received no election material at all, although Cllr Brazil did come to the door (I wasn’t in and N, who is a foreign-type person, can’t vote), so it was hard to make an informed choice other than voting with party tribal intentions.

Normally in these parts there is a two-horse race between Lib Dems and Conservatives, and the Cons usually win. I have voted Lib Dem in the past few elections in the hope of unseating the Conservative candidate. (again, ironically, we happen to have a rather good Tory MP in the form of Sarah Woolaston, but she is still a Tory dammit). However I don’t feel I can ever vote Lib Dem again.  Despite all their weasally words about ‘having to make compromises when in government’, as a so-called progressive party they have been party to and a part of the least progressive government – the most anti-progressive government – for at least 175 years.  They have no conscience and have given up so many ‘treasured’ policies that I find them utterly disgusting. In the last general election I even volunteered for them. Ho hum.  It seems their chickens are coming home to roost in this election, but I find no pleasure in this.

I fear for this country in the next two years, filled with right-wing hate, appalling hate-filled policies, and a general dimming of society’s flame and social democracy.  Shame on all of you in this most wretched of governments.