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Posted by on October 1, 2014 in Art, Place |

Coast Path

Coast Path

Over the last three years artist Anita Reynolds has walked the 630 mile South West Coast Path that runs from Minehead to Poole, creating a significant body of work as a direct response.

The Riverside Gallery at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen is currently showing part 2 of this exhibition which includes prints from the home stretch of the South Devon coastline and concludes just beyond the Jurassic coast of Dorset. Also on display are Anita’s sketchbooks, photographs, maps and educational material about the printmaking processes employed during the project, and work made in response to Anita’s work by four artists, of which I am one.

The exhibition runs from 26 September to 19 November, 2014.

My work is a series of sound boxes, which thus far I have failed to document. They are now installed in the Riverside Gallery and at some point I’ll take some pictures and post them here. This was my first venture into installing my own work of this kind into a gallery space. Previously I have worked with a number of other artists in designing and building boxes with sound, and I have also done a couple of commissions of my own with boxes for outdoor space. So this was the first time I had made work where I was also responsible for the look and feel within a gallery setting. Initially I wanted to go my usual rate of using found boxes. These are usually antique boxes, often originally built for utilitarian purposes, such as tool boxes of portable specimen chests. As the project progressed however it became clear that I wanted three identical boxes in three different colours, so I purchased three plain boxes and chose three colours to fit the contents of each.


I’m playing with the insides here in early testing: a simple mp3 player, a lithium polymer battery and charger, and two speakers. It may seem absurd to think about stereo sound in a small box where the speakers are not only covered in artefacts, but also pretty much crammed together into a relatively small space (although not quite a tight as they are here. If these speakers look a little battered it’s because they came out of an previous sound installation where the speakers were visible and unprotected. It was quite remarkable how many people couldn’t resist poking the cones. Curiously this doesn’t seem to affect the working of the speaker.

There will be more to follow once I’ve got back to the Guild and photographed the pieces. In the meantime, I’ll post the soundfiles.