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Posted by on December 10, 2014 in Radio & Podcasts |

Beechcombings (Richard Mabey)

Beechcombings (Richard Mabey)


The beech is one of the most glorious deciduous trees to be found in England, a rugged survivor of much that has been thrown at it. Richard Mabey’s 2007 ‘Beechcombings‘ (Chatto & Windus) is a rich, poetic, knowledge-soaked exploration of the beech and some of its companions. I’m reading from Chapter One on The Emporium of Sound on Thursday December 11 at 10am on Soundart Radio. If you don’t have a chance to listen live, check it out here.

Read a good review of the book here. If you’d prefer not to use Amazon, you can buy the book direct from the author’s website.